“I’ll probably just quit my job and go travelling…”

I’m a firm believer that holiday helps to solve many, if not all of life’s problems. We genuinely function better, are less stressed and more motivated after a holiday. Whilst that’s pretty scientific, travel also enriches your mind, educates you about the planet, people and culture that you forget to think about during your 9-5 grind.

The trouble is, every time I go away I’m left with an empty feeling of wanting more. I’ve struggled with my head and my heart when it comes to travel. My heart wants to explore, and always believed that the only way for this to happen was to make travel a full time occupation, and that this would make me truly happy. But If I’m being realistic, this would warrant a lot of sacrifice for me right now.

So this is me, telling myself that travel is travel. I don’t have to be backpacking round the world to get a buzz, it can be as simple as a weekend city break.

I want to keep this blog as a reminder to myself (when I get a little itchy) of all the cool places I’ve been and what I got up to. I really don’t care if it’s just me and my mum that take the time to read it.

So yeah, it turns out I can still feed my soul, whilst selling half of it to the nhs.

But when it gets too hungry, I’ll probably quit my job and go travelling.

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